Hello Hagerstown

How are you doing?

Let me introduce myself, and tell you a little about myself and Flying
Tugboat Studios.

I was born and raised in Maryland and grew up in Washington County (North High, Class of ’96) but spent the last ten years hopping from city to city (also, hello to my friends in Florida, Texas, and California) in the video games industry.  Well, I’m back!

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Opening Day

Opening Day

After months of research, planning, and designing flyingtugboat.com and Skydock.biz, this studio is open for business!

Flying Tugboat Studios is a small web design and hosting company located in Hagerstown, Maryland.  Our vision is simple – create and host really cool small business websites. Since we are new and looking to build or reputation our current rates are very affordable.

If you like to learn more about me and what I think, keep following this blog, sign up for my newsletter (in the right-hand column of this page), or take a look at my page.

To commemorate this event, we are running our first promotion through Skydock.biz.  If you are a small business looking to get on the Internet for the first time or looking for a redesign of your old website, you should really take a look at our WordPress Opening Day Special.  Your site will have many of the same features as this one!

Flying Tugboat Studios Launched

Flying Tugboat - The Project

Flying Tugboat Studios is proud to present- itself.Flyingtugboat.com is the company information and social outreach website for our company. The design is intended to be ‘Fun and Professional’ because that is what we strive to be.

Our Work

We provided all design and layout graphics, logo design, and several other images. We also created an original WordPress theme, coded additional JavaScript and PHP, installed and configured various premium and free plugins, set up social networking accounts and connected these accounts with this website. Flyingtugboat.com is being hosted by Skydock.

What We Didn’t Do

The WordPress CMS is a freely available open source platform, as are many of the plugins provided through WordPress.org. Some icons and photos were licensed or taken from free libraries. Special thanks go out to Webiconset.com for providing several icons and Ben Tankersley for providing photographs of Eric Seiler.

Want to learn more about this website?

Please feel free to contact us here.