Eric Seiler

Welcome aboard the Flying Tugboat.  This is your captain speaking.


Flying Tugboat Studios is very small, in fact at present we are only two people, and I do all of the website work.  Coding, graphics, design…pretty much everything.  So, if you want to know who will be working on your website — it will be me.  I might not do EVERYTHING mind you, but I am responsible for the fulfillment or your project.


So, why should you choose Flying Tugboat Studios for your website needs?  What separates us from all of the other studios in Hagerstown (or everywhere in the world)?


First and foremost, I want to get to know you, your business, and form a long term partnership not sell you a product.  A website is akin to a living, breathing thing. It needs to be cultivated and nurtured not put up on a shelf like some sort of trophy.  Your presence on the web has to be able to react and change as your market changes and as you come up with new ideas.  The Internet changes fast!


Second, I come from an interactive entertainment background and I have almost a decade of experience as an artist and designer in the video games industry.  What has this experience taught me?  Good design is, well – good design! Regardless of the project and field, an inspiring design is the product of creativity molded by common sense, and often a lot of trial and error.  At the end if the thing (whatever that thing is) is well designed,  it will be elegant and intuitive, but most importantly — it will just work – exactly as you expect it to.


Lastly, my philosophy on website creation is simple – start small and grow.  Don’t over engineer, overproduce, and overspend.  This philosophy allows us to take on smaller projects than what many studios would get excited about.  We’re excited about overachieving and making something special grow out of a tiniest seed, because that is exactly how Flying Tugboat started.


So, hop on board and take a seat.  Please turn on all of your internet-connected devices and enjoy the flight!



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